Vamos!Vamos! La Torta dE Argao ! 
 ARGAO is one of the top tourist destinations in Cebu.It is also considered as the first class municipality in the province.                       

ARGAO proudly unveil it's superb delicacies :

    Torta de Tuba of Argao is the best. It makes Argao simply unique and different from any other places in the south. It is only Argao that embrace it's awesome "torta" naturally made up of flour, a couple of eggs, milk magic,coconut wine, margarine,oil, sugar, yest , baking powder and of course with raisins and cheese on the top of it.


     Argaonon's humba is absolutely fantastic. It is one of the best menu accordingly in any occassions including fiesta celebrations, parties,birthdays,weddings and  in daily life most importantly. This humba is quiet cheap, for it only costs your meat while  the rest of it's recipe and ingredients are mostly found in the kitchen. No preservatives added, it's natural aroma soothes from within, bringing you the different mouth-watering  humba ever been tasted.


      Nothing compares to the unbeatable bibingka de Argao. Like those bibingka in any other places of the country, bibingka de Argao holds quiet fantastic in taste, with its creamy yet awesome taste of tuba built within. Simply, it is only cooked under not too much pressure, including the rice and  grated coconut as the main ingredient alone.


     The lip-smacking tablea of Argao is simply the great. It is naturally made from coccua/ "kakaw". It's overwhelming taste brings anyone to the peck of it's tasty buds that no one ever dared to try.Tablea serves as chocolate beverage in Argao which is by any chance , sweeter and tastier than ever. It is also best for breakfast thingy and of course a sort of morning snack with puto bibingka and so forth.


    Tuba or Bahalina  in Argao is fresher than ever. Argao is the only place where you can hold eager to drink its sweet beverage named 'tuba' especially the so-called "BAHALINA". Coconut wine or tuba serves as the place's main beverage that ancient Argaonon keeps from generation to generation. During that of Argaonon's ancestors, 'tuba' is more likely closer to water. In fact, it is also one of the main source of living by the people in Argao through 'pananggot' using a 'sugong' where they fetch the 'tuba' coming from the coconut.Tuba actually comes from coconut trees, underlying so many process including that "vinegar-tuba thingy" and so for the final output as 'sweet tuba beverage'.

    Argao is also known for it's sweet 'cookies, polvoron and piñatos'. These are only few from Chitangs Store particullarly in Argao. With this delicacies, it is humored to be ONCE TASTED, ALWAYS WANTED! Argao's very own cookies are freshly made. The piñatos that more likely comes from fresh peanuts and the polvoron itself that is so much to be mouth-watering.


    'Puto' with tablea in Argao is good  for breakfast of the Argaonons. Early in the morning, puto vendors come to Argaonon's doors delivering it's newly-cooked puto. However, puto in Argao is much more likely here in Cebu, but in some case the difference is that , the puto of the Argonon's are being delivered door to door or else carried by a motorcycle strolling around corners of some places in Argao.Besides, the puto is made up of natural rice pellet , and grated coconut, with various sugars and then wrapped into the smooth and fragrant banana leaves. That what makes Argao's puto simply unbeatable.

           These delicacies are partially the best of Argao's super-delicious foods. Furthermore, Argao is a place where anyone can enjoy it's overwhelming tourists spots, vacation resorts and beaches, superb delicacies , enchanted nature and the kind, yet hospitable Argaonons.

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